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Medicating with cannabis is much different than how many are used to treating various ailments. This is especially true in the essence that one single cannabis strain in its raw form or a solitary product may cause ten people to feel ten completely different ways. In another aspect, the concentration of a specific cannabinoid, terpene, or combination of the two needed for one person to find relief from an ailment may be entirely different for one person than it may be for someone else.

Tips on Tracking Your Journey

Keep a journal everywhere! This means in your room, in your car, at work, and in your mobile device! You never want to miss an entry simply because your journal wasn’t available.

To make journaling part of your medication routine; instead of merely knowing you medicated, you need to remember to journal your experiences. This includes several aspects which we will discuss below. It may be beneficial to have a set time each day or week where you combine all entries into one prominent journal, be it written or digital.

What Should You Be Writing About

When it comes to what you should be journaling, the answer is everything. Below is a list of the main points you will want to note with each entry.

  • Why You Are MedicatingWhat ailment or symptoms are you feeling, and to what degree on a level of 1-10 are their severity?
  • What You Are Medicating WithThis should include the type of product, the potency of the product, the brand, and the strain.
  • What Time You MedicatedThis should consist of the time in which you medicate and the time in which you start to feel the effects as well as when they begin to diminish.
  • The Effects You FeltThis should include both negative and positive results if applicable.
  • The Efficiency of Relief FeltThis should be the last note of each entry and should consist of to what degree you found relief from the indicated symptoms or ailments.

Launch of Patient Journal for Download

Tetra Health is excited to announce the launch of our digital patient journal, available now for download here.We are excited to provide this patient journal to help those who are starting their journey with cannabinoid therapies to help all patients find the most relief with this natural plant alternative. We have made the journal available to download for free so that it can be accessed at any time, day or night, to make journaling as simple as updating your social media status.

If you are serious about finding relief with medical cannabinoid therapies, journaling your experience could offer you a substantial amount of guidance and insight into what works best for you and your specific needs. By journaling and sharing your journey with others, you may help another find relief through cannabinoid therapies. Support among patients is vital, as the stigma surrounding this plant continues to crumble. Unlike other treatments, patients have to rely on the experiences of others in many cases in addition to trial and error to find what works for them.