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Tetra Health and Astrid Dispensary

Press Release: Astrid Dispensary Partnership

[Tetra Health and Astrid Dispensary Partnership]

Melbourne, Victoria: Tetra Health launches its first physical clinic.

Tetra Health has announced a new partnership with Astrid Dispensary and will be Astrid’s preferred plant-based clinic partner for in-person consultations, allowing patients to see a Tetra Health doctor in a separate consulting room co-located at the Astrid Dispensary.

The benefits of this new partnership include:

• More streamlined access to treatment
• Access to medicare rebates for eligible patients
• In-person consultations

Lisa Nguyen, Founder and Head Pharmacist of Astrid commented:

“Currently cannabis medicines remain a last-line treatment. The patient must have exhausted all approved treatments before they are eligible. That’s why we are so passionate about providing timely access, for eligible patients, and ongoing education by taking the time to explain how the process works and providing support once they have been prescribed. Continuation of care is so important. It’s not a transactional process.

“We’re very pleased to be working with Tetra Health to offer a patient-centric medicinal cannabis service offering co-located in our newly launched Astrid Dispensary in South Yarra. As a boutique specialist pharmacy pioneering in cannabinoid medicines, plant-based therapies, and nutraceuticals, we see this opportunity as a key add-on benefit to our patients.”

Laura Farhat, General Manager of Tetra Health commented:

“We have been receiving significant interest from our patients for an in-person consultation offering backed by our strong nurse support. We expect to see strong uptake from patients in Melbourne through this clinic, and will look to expand this model into additional regions over time.”

“Astrid, led by founder and head pharmacist, Lisa Nguyen, has been a great partner for our first launch, as her team brings a wealth of experience and passion for medicinal cannabis and other alternative therapies.”

About Tetra Health:

Tetra Health was founded in 2018, on the principles of improving health outcomes and creating accessibility. Tetra Health is a leading Australian clinic network that facilitates responsible access to alternative treatments for patients in every State and Territory in Australia. As a specialist in this area of medicine, Tetra Health accepts patient referrals, providing ongoing support and patient monitoring from specialist nurses and Authorised Prescribers across all Australia.

About Astrid Dispensary:

Astrid is the first green dispensary of its kind in Australia. The main goal of Astrid is to address the struggle patients have with finding a pharmacy or pharmacist who understands cannabinoids. With a focus on patient-centred care, Astrid’s female-led pharmacy team have used their extensive experience to revolutionise the industry, bringing modern, sophisticated treatments to Australians. In addition to pharmaceuticals, the Astrid Dispensary also focuses on skincare and evidence-based gut health solutions. After hours, the Astrid Dispensary also hosts events to educate patients and healthcare professionals on a wide variety of health topics.

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