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Are you eligible for medical cannabis treatment? Find out below!

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If you do not have a medical condition that affects your quality of life or general health, you may not be eligible for medicinal cannabis. Book a nurse consultation to discuss your case further or read more.

Medicinal cannabis is not generally a first-line therapy in Australia, but you may still be eligible for treatment. Book a nurse consultation now to discuss your case further.

You may be eligible for medicinal cannabis following approval by a Tetra Doctor! Please request a Referral or Health Summary from your regular Doctor in advance of your appointment to fast track the process, and book an appointment to get started.

The Tetra Health Difference


personalised care

Tetra Doctors prescribe a wide range of medications available in Australia. Every patient is unique, so that means we find the right medication(s) for you.

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trusted provider

As leader in patient centric care, we are proud to offer Australian patients 5-star support. Tetra believes in full transparency and have no hidden fees. 


easy process

We obtain TGA approvals within 48 hours after your Doctor Appointment. Our consults are held virtually or in clinic – whatever is most convenient to you.

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experienced team

When you choose Tetra, you are choosing ongoing support and expertise. Our medical team is beside you every step of the way, so you get the best possible health outcomes.