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Support for Healthcare Providers

CPD Accredited Training

 Interested in becoming a prescriber? Our training program includes topics such as: 

  • The Endocannabinoid System
  • Mechanisms of Action
  • Routes of Administration
  • Pharmacology
  • Contraindications
  • Clinical Decision Tools
  • Dosing Strategies
  • Regulatory Compliance

Tetra’s clinical resources and treatment plans have been created by our global team of medical specialists who have years of clinical experience in prescribing and managing patient treatment outcomes. 

Please get in touch with our medical team to inquire about our CPD Training or about becoming an Authorised Prescriber.




Patient Support Services

Understanding the pathways for medicinal cannabis can be complex. Each state has slightly different regulations for access in addition to TGA requirements.  

Tetra streamlines patient access by assisting prescribing physicians in determining patient eligibility,  and outlines administrative requirements required in the TGA application and prescription process. Patient safety is our highest priority. Cannabis is not for everyone. We screen for drug interactions and contraindications while focusing on safe and controlled administration, ensuring the patient’s care circle receives regular progress reports including clinically validated outcome reporting.

Tetra  provides essential continuing care for patients, including dosing and titration support, adverse event monitoring, personalised treatment plans, and access to our specialist nurses through a telephone support line.

Our nursing team works with you to ensure both you and your patients are supported throughout this complex process.  We offer all of this support to you at no cost as a referring or prescribing physician. Contact our medical team to learn more.

Access to Cannabinoid Medications

Although cannabis medicines approved for import and sale through the Special Access Scheme (SAS) or Authorised Prescriber (AP) scheme are listed on the TGA Portal, their availability is not guaranteed. Consistent supply of medications is essential for positive treatment outcomes.

Tetra provides recommendations on a diverse supply of GMP certified, pharmaceutical grade cannabis medicines available in Australia, handling all logistics from supplier, to pharmacy to patient. 

Available medicines vary widely based on cannabinoid content and dosage form. Tetra offers product-specific and indication focused treatment plans to assist prescribers in choosing the proper medication for their patients to increase positive outcomes.

Interested in Referring a Patient? Simply Click the link below to download our Physician Information Package.


Contact Tetra

Join the Tetra community to advance your knowledge in cannabinoid medicines and gain access to our global network of medical specialists that can support your clinical decisions to prescribe medical cannabis for your patients.

Doctor Recruitment

Are you a medical professional looking to work with Tetra? Join our growing team of prescribing physicians and gain access to;

  • CPD accredited training;
  • support for your patients;
  • flexible work arrangements;
  • an opportunity to grow your practice; and
  • administrative and management support services from Tetra specialist nurses.

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