Tetra Health Approval Process

If you suffer from a chronic condition and have trialled pharmaceutical medications, you may be eligible for medical cannabis treatment.


Interested in Referring or Prescribing?

Refer your patient to a Tetra Authorised Prescriber with this simple form below.

A Tetra nurse will contact your patient for assessment and send you regular progress reports.

Please contact our team to find out more.


Become a Tetra Health Patient

Request a Referral or Health Summary from your regular doctor to fast track the process, and book a Tetra Nurse Consult to start your journey.

✓ Do you have a diagnosed medical condition?

✓ Have you tried at least one prescription medication for that condition?

DVA Gold Card Holders

Accessing Medication Under RPBS

Book an Appointment At Tetra Health

Complete your initial Consult With Doctor

Document and pen

Approval Letter Received from DVA

Order Medication From Pharmacy Under RPBS

Rescript Every 3 Months Ongoing Tetra Support

What is a Health Summary?

If you are unable to get a Referral from your doctor, our team requires a Health Summary to be assessed for treatment.

A Health Summary states your chronic condition and any medications you may have trialled. Simply call your doctor’s clinic and request reception fax a Health Summary to Tetra on +61280790656 or by email to [email protected]

The Tetra Health Difference


personalised care

Tetra Doctors prescribe a wide range of medications available in Australia. Every patient is unique, so that means we find the best medication(s) for you.
piggy bank

trusted provider

As a leader in patient care, we offer 5-star support. Tetra believes in full transparency and have no hidden fees. Read more about patient experiences.

easy process

We obtain TGA approvals within 24-48 hours after your Doctor Appointment. Our phone/video consults are completed from the comfort of your home.
med instrument

expert opinion

When you choose Tetra, you are choosing ongoing support and expertise. Our medical team is beside you every step of the way, so you get the best possible health outcomes.